Hi, I’m David Blomstrom, Seattle’s only political activist. I’m not entirely joking when I say that. In plain English, there’s no competition in this amoral, brain-dead city.

I moved to Seattle in 1984 and got a job as a substitute teacher with the Seattle School District the next year. I worked as a substitute for five years before getting a full-time position.

My original passion was Nature. Born and raised in rural West Dakota, I got a degree in ecology and spent almost a decade working in the Alaska bush. When I started working for Seattle Schools I was surprised to discover how much I enjoyed working with children.

However, I was also shocked by the extraordinary bureaucracy, corruption, and tyranny in the school district. I wont go into the details here, but I can understand why a Garfield High School teacher named Tom Hudson committed suicide. I can also understand why a former student blew away Whitman Middle School teacher Neal Summers, who was a gay pedophile. The victim served nine years in prison but won $250,000 from the school district in a lawsuit. District officials maintained their innocent, claiming they coughed up the money just to avoid a messy lawsuit. Yeah, right.

In fact, the Seattle School District—SeaSchools for short—is a notorious haven for pedophiles. Do some research on the late Judge Gary Little, a power broker who was practically crowned king of Seattle before he committed suicide after his dirty little secret was revealed. Then there was Mayor Edward Murray, who abandoned office amidst claims that he, too, is a gay pedophile.

Let’s not forget Clint Webb, who was convicted of kidnapping, murder, and child rape before he was hired by SeaSchools (specifically by his brother in law). No, Webb wasn’t a teacher; he was put in charge of a girls’ locker room. After which he raped one of the students.

Perhaps more shocking than the school district’s conduct was the almost unbelievable lack of public outrage. Was I really the only person in the city who cared? This is one of the main reasons I call myself Seattle’s only activist.

At any rate, I had my political awakening in 1995, the very year a derelict retired general named John Stanford was recruited for the position of SeaSchools Superintendent. I became a whistle-blower, a political activist, and a candidate for public office. I was the only individual in Seattle who waged a public battle against St. John Stanford, who can only be described as a corporate pedophile.

No one in Seattle history posted more information about SeaSchools on the internet than I did. Unfortunately, most of my early websites have fallen by the wayside. However, I still have a mountain of information stored in my computer, and I am now working on a series of books, along with some new websites.

The sad thing is, I still see no evidence that no one in Gothic Seattle gives a damn. But I still give a damn. And, so, I’ll be dredging up some old scumbags—like that twisted bitch Kathy Robel, queen of the bimbos Edith Ruby, the assholes who ran the Seattle teachers union (Roger Erskine, Kraig Peck, Verleeta Wooten, etc.), and all those derelict principals that shit on the students.

In the meantime, check out my books at KpowBooks.com. You can also learn more about me at DavidBlomstrom.com.