The Seattle School District was a shithole when I hired on as a substitute teacher in 1985. Of course, I didn’t know it was a shithole when I came on board, but the clues rained down on me fast and furious, beginning with my orientation on Day One.

I could understand some of the dysfunction associated with a bloated bureaucracy, but what amazed me was the tyranny. Many school officials were more mean-spirited than the officers I worked under in the military. And why was the bureaucracy so bloated in the first place?

After five years, I got a job as a full-time classroom teacher, but the bureaucratic shitfest continued. Five years later, I had just about reached my breaking point when something miraculous happened: I had my political awakening. In plain English, I suddenly realized that I wasn’t a victim of 10,000 random acts of meanness. Rather, there was something sinister going on behind the scenes, with some shadowy characters pulling the strings.

After tearing off my blinders, I began seeing things I had never noticed before. There was evidence of conspiracy and treachery in every flyer posted on a bulletin board, every teachers union newsletter, the often odd choice of words made by principals and union whores.

By an amazing, almost unbelievable, coincidence, my political awakening coincided with the arrival of one John Stanford, heralded by some of the most bizarre tripe ever penned by media whores. Stanford was a retired general who had been recruited to serve as the Seattle Schools superintendent. That he was recruited by the Seattle Chamber of Commerce was obvious; Stanford openly boasted about running the school district like a business, even designating school principals CEOs. The local teachers union (Seattle Education Association) did virtually nothing to stand up to Stanford’s megalomania and destructive experiments.

A few years and countless conspiracies later, Stanford was diagnosed with leukemia. I celebrated when the bastard died. However, there was no celebration among the thousands of children whose dreams had been crushed by the John Stanford Express. Most Seattle teachers and parents were too stupid to celebrate, and apathy generally trumped mourning. It was as if Stanford had never existed.

By the time Stanford exited the fairy tale created by the media, I had become a hard core whistle-blower and political activist. In 1999, I filed as a candidate for public office, gunning for a seat on the Seattle School Board. That experience introduced me to yet another layer of corruption. However, I was still blind, because I hadn’t yet learned about the Jews.

At the end of the 2001-2002 school year, I was one of a number of Seattle Schools employees who were laid off. I was too numb to feel any pain. Sixteen years of tyranny, bureaucratic diarrhea, and, worst of all, the loss of the students I loved, had taken their toll. Driven largely by a desire for justice—and revenge—I continued my research, whistle-blowing, and campaigning. Amazingly, I still hadn’t identified the head of the octopus. Was it Bill Gates, the global asshole who “donated” millions of dollars to the Seattle School District even as he campaigned for charter schools? When I ran for state office in 2000, I discovered that Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen was also a charter schools whore.

Shortly before 2016, I learned the awful truth about the Jews. My eyes opened a third time, I once again hit the ground running, frantically trying to understand Jewarchy, a word I coined to describe the extraordinary corruption and sleaze in the Jewish community.

As time passed, some of Seattle’s fake activists began sharing the insider knowledge they had been withholding for so many years. (See “The Battle for Seattle, Part One: Don Nielson and the Broad Foundation,” written by a fearless activist who calls himself seattleducation2010.) I think it was sometime in 2022 or 2023 that I discovered Eli Broad.

Based in LA, Broad was a Jewish billionaire renowned for donating piles of money to the arts. However, this may have been a cover for this first love: destroying public education. Broad recruited and trained thugs who were then assigned to school districts across America, where they did whatever they could to subvert public schools. Broad’s ultimate goal was apparently replacing public schools with charter schools, which corporate interests have more control over. I believe the war against public education is ultimately a Jewish conspiracy to brainwash and dumb down students, rendering them impotent in the political arena and making them less competitive against Jews. It’s one of the dirty secrets behind the Jews’ “success.”

The revelation that John Stanford’s assault on Seattle’s public schools may have been the brainchild of a Jewish billionaire named Eli Broad was one of the biggest bombshells of my life.

I discovered that Joseph Olchefske. and Arlene Ackerman were Broadies. Ackerman was a total piece of shit. She served as chief academic officer under John Stanford. She then became superintendent of the public schools in Washington, D.C. before moving on to some other state. She was just another carpet-bagging whore.

After St. John Stanford died, he was replaced as superintendent by Olchefske, who served as an investment banker at Piper Jaffray, part of the Piper Sandler Companies family. The CEO of Piper Sandler Companies is Chad R. Abraham, a name that sounds awfully Jewish.

Another key Broadie was Don Nielsen, who I can only describe as one of the most disgusting assholes I’ve ever met. A dour, arrogant propagandist, Nielsen served as president of the Seattle School Board and is apparently still a major player with the bizarre Discovery Institute, which was founded by Bruce Chapman (one of Seattle’s foremost media whores) and George Gilder, both Harvard alumni. Not surprisingly, the Discovery Institute is eerily Jewish.

The Broad Foundation is another victory for the Jews, having ruined the education experience of millions of children across America while ushering in charter schools (which are now operating in Washington State). The Foundation is supported by an army of corporate whores that might be compared to pedophiles who arrogantly thumb their noses at accountability. Arlene Ackerman is now dead, but Don Nielsen and Joseph Olchefske are still preying on children, along with Bill Gates, who apparently surrounds himself with Jews.

There are countless details we’ll probably never know, but the big picture seems reasonably clear. I certainly understand why Jews play such a prominent role in Seattle’s education arena. There’s the billionaire Nick Hanauer, who co-founded the League of Education Voters, and members of the Ben Bridge clan, who have long been represented on the sinister Alliance for Education. There was Kraig Peck, a Jewish shithead who was a top official with the Seattle Education Association. And who could forget Lynn Steinberg, a media whore with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer who stopped criticizing the school district after it hired her as a spokesperson?

Last but not least are all the Jewish media whores who attacked me during my bids for public office.

I’m proud of the fact that I fought the good fight, setting numerous records in the process. I also derive some satisfaction from having learned the identity of at least of some of my cowardly enemies. Unfortunately, all of the knowledge in the world can’t bring back all the bastards took away from me and my students. All I have to say is Fuck the Jews. As far as I’m concerned they deserve a fate worse than the one they’ve prescribed for the Palestinians trapped in Gaza.